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Tough questions

Urban resilience - Sara Wilkinson outlines the important questions surveyors need to ask themselves and their clients to ensure buildings are protected.

Bargaining chips

Chris Green explains why negotiation is vital to construction, and how to improve your skills while upholding ethical and professional standards

Reliable sources

Ewan Craig, a speaker at RICS’ annual It’s Your APC conference, offers guidance on Team working and Data management – two mandatory competencies for Building Surveying.

Lifetime view

With 85% of a building’s lifetime expense coming from its use as an asset, the demarcation between design, construction and operation translates into strategic risk.

On the side of the agents

With the role of employer’s agent still seen as ambiguous, Kelvin Hughes introduces a new RICS guidance note designed to clarify matters.

It all adds up

Business planning and Accounting principles and procedures are mandatory competencies for Building Surveying, and Ewan Craig, APC assessor, offers guidance.