The Value of PPP

Fri, 07/03/2015 - 11:35

By Online Academy

Public private partnerships as an infrastructure financing model, has experienced varying degrees of uptake around the world, with Canada, UK and Australia perhaps the most advanced adopters. But what about the U.S?

While a number of states have enacted enabling legislation for PPP, politics and perception have played a part in restricting their use in many jurisdictions. This panel of PPP practitioners and government officials exploreed how the industry can help politicians measure and promote the value of PPP projects to the public.

Moderator: Paul Hughes, Senior Vice President, Altus Group
Panelists: TDouglas Koelemay, Director, Office of Transportation Public-Private Partnerships, Commonwealth of Virginia; Nizar Melehani, Public Private Partnerships Program Manager, Caltrans; Dominic Leadsom, Director, Turner & Townsend; Bryan Kendro, Director, Public-Private Partnership Office, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation; Sandy Apgar, Owner, Apgar Company

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