RICS Training launch new interactive web class

Mon, 04/17/2017 - 10:00

By RICS Training

The launch of the new 'Understanding the APC' web class has been very well received by RICS members. Eszter Bedo from the Training team at RICS celebrates the success of the launch and provides some further information about the class.

At the beginning of March, we delivered the first instance of our new Understanding the APC web class, presented by and developed with Kate Taylor and we received a 100% positive feedback result.

This class was very important for us as we have been working on developing a new format for the existing face-to-face membership training products since last November in order to reach those candidates in the regions who cannot attend London based training. We created a two part-web class and also shifted our focus on to interactivity, prior knowledge and critical thinking moving away from simply giving information to our future members. 

Adult learners are increasingly autonomous in their learning style, make use of the various forms of information available and actively search for further information. We decided to take advantage of this changing behaviour and provide training that is suitable to this learning style. Based on the above our new web class features pre-reading, watching videos related to the topic, set activities in between sessions, quiz to test prior knowledge, lots of interactivity and an extended Q&A session after the second class. Most of these have not been featured in one web class before. It is always exciting - and a little scary - to try something for the first time so that is why I am delighted to see that our delegates are happy with the result and we developed and created a training product that gives learners exactly what they want. 

Going forward we will keep this new format for most of the membership web classes and make sure that we keep up to date with current learning trends in order to maintain the highest standards in RICS style.

The next instance of this web class will be taking place on 25 May - click here to sign up.

We also have a suite of tools and resources available to help you through the APC process:

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