RICS successfully launches tenth Building Control Course in Israel

Thu, 11/30/2017 - 10:00

By RICS Training

Today, the RICS successfully launched the tenth Building Control Course in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Finance.

As building control is still a relatively new profession in Israel, the Ministry of Finance asked the RICS to design, develop and deliver a comprehensive training programme. The aim of the course is to develop and equip the new building control surveyor with the required technical competencies and behaviours.

For the last 5 years, RICS has been supporting the ongoing support and development of competencies procedures, training initiatives and quality assurance measures to further the industry and the government in Israel.

The Building Control Bodies that have been developed in Israel within the last year have been established to oversee the design and implementation of construction, as an independent third-party accreditation system of building inspection, ultimately to ensure that buildings have been designed and are constructed in a way to ensure occupants are kept safe and buildings are fit for purpose.

The Israeli government have implemented a total overhaul of the construction and planning industry through five core initiatives:

  • A national building code to standardise building regulations
  • Creation of independent building control bodies regulated by the government
  • A harmonised permitting process for building control
  • A free online database of building regulations, guidelines and standards
  • Improving and certifying professional skills levels across the industry

As the profession is slowly becoming a reality, the RICS have introduced a new 5-day simulation workshop as part of the course. The workshop will complement the conceptual knowledge and technical competencies developed during the 9-month programme by focusing on and developing the practical elements, behaviours and on the job activities that are essential for the building control surveyor.

At this stage, there are now more than 300 certified building control surveyors in Israel. The RICS have signed a contract with the Ministry of Finance to deliver a further six courses which will add to the growing number of building control surveyors.

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