Going through your APC? Explore our top five tips

Tue, 08/22/2017 - 11:00

By RICS Training

Victoria Mann MRICS, APC Mentor and Assessor as well as Asset Manager at Chancerygate shares her top tips in tackling some common stumbling blocks for candidates during their APC.

1. If you say you’ve done it, know it

The case study is the assessor’s first impression of you as a professional. It must be word perfect and you must be able to confidently talk about everything you have included.

Assessors can question you on any part of your submission, including your CPD record. Be mindful of how you word your involvement in seminars which are outside your scope, as this could open questions on an area that you're not qualified to advise on. A surprising number of general practice surveyors over state their understanding of building defects after attending a one hour CPD session. Don't make this mistake. Continue reading.


For further help with the Final Assessment, browse RICS Compass, a training resource dedicated to APC candidates or visit our course browser for more courses.

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