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Wed, 05/31/2017 - 14:48

By RICS Training

If you are a newly registered RICS regulated firm, or simply have never held clients’ money before, our new fundamentals course provides best practice advice and warnings around common issues. Watch this video with two RICS Professional Assurance Accountants to find out what's included in the course.

This video is the excerpted introduction video to the Client Money Fundamentals eLearning course.


On a blissfully cool yet bright summer day, I carefully adjusted my camera lens, and brought an eye from one of the faces in front of me into focus. The day promised to be a long one - with little experience of accountants, I imagined stern-faced, severe individuals of few words whose appearance lent mettle to the pointy end of the regulatory spear. Just the previous day I had sat in a room with a group of immaculately dressed individuals, absorbing their sage dialogue around the nuances of conflicts of interest in their various areas. Quite frankly, the processes, procedures and practice of holding clients' money seemed dry stuff. This was not to prove the case, and thankfully, as I prodded at the controls to zoom out on my display, two generous smiles appeared, and in a moment my fears were dispelled.

Before me stood Cherry Leeder FCA, a professional assurance accountant whose experience and knowledge of the various issues that firms encounter on her visits is unparalleled, and Jamirul Hussain ACCA, a consummate specialist in accounting systems. After some chit-chat, we began our filming session, finally putting some meat on the bones of a training course that had emerged from a flurry of emails and calls identifying the needs of, and potential woes that may befall, professionals when it comes to handling client money. It quickly became apparent that delving into the details behind adhering to Part II Conduct of Business, Part 8 of the RICS Rules of Conduct for Firms was going to make for wealth of interesting and revelatory information. In one particularly memorable segment, Cherry frames the necessity of certain controls by recounting an incident of fraud that had come her way.

Watch the video to find out more about what else we've included in the course.

- Product developer, RICS Training


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