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Compass: APC online platform

APC candidates often express that they face different challenges when trying to complete their APC tasks, such as time management, how to demonstrate competencies and how to effectively prepare for the Final Assessment.

Quantity surveyors: know your worth

Whether you are due to sit your APC in the next 48 hours or still feeling the effects of last weekend’s celebrations, Post-APC Reviews are closing in hard and fast. As employers become increasingly more desperate to retain their staff — especially the high-performers who have just achieved MRICS status — you should expect to see quantity...

RICS China celebrates new partnerships

Dr Pierpaolo Franco, Managing Director, RICS China visited Chongqing, Chengdu and Kunming, meeting representatives from government, local associations and industrial corporations as well as celebrating partnerships, both old and new.

Why financial skill and savvy is key to business success

Understanding Finance is an essential part of business. Finance permeates every part of every organisation and each decision should be influenced by its effects on the costs and revenues of that business. Having the knowledge and know-how of managing the financial aspects is essential for the longevity of the business.

How does leadership development add value?

It is well known that effective leaders are integral to the success of any business; organisations need strong leaders to drive them to success. Through our research, it is clear that the Built Environment is no different from any other industry. However, many people still question the need to invest in the development of their managers. If...

How can flooding be prevented?

According to a recent government review, there are over 500 key infrastructure sites across the UK that are still at risk of being affected by flooding. Questions are now being asked about how flooding can be alleviated or prevented...

APC Mock Final Assessment Interview

This video features a Quantity Surveying pathway Final Assessment taking place in Dubai. It has been developed to demonstrate the key elements of the RICS Professional Assessment for the APC. The structure of all the APC interviews will follow this process.

Bob Schukai on mobile technology

Speaking at RICS Summit of the Americas, part of our inaugural World Built Environment Forum, Bob Schukai, Head of Applied Innovation at Thomson Reuters, explained how mobile technology, cognitive computing and big data are changing the world around us.

E-learning on the rise with new app culture

The rise of app culture has paved a new way of delivering learning online. Tutors can now instantly connect with students via a multitude of platforms at any time of day. This new approach will allow tutors to offer one on one tuition as well as offer those who a short on time, a more flexible approach to learning. 

Why do businesses need to change?

Every business should go through the process of change management. It is inconceivable for any business to go too long without changing some aspects of the way that it works, simply because things change all around them.

BIM rises in the United States

Slowly but surely Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become increasingly utilised across the construction industry within the United States. While in existence since the 1980s, only recently has there been a widespread embrace of the technology within the country

What is Optimised Contractor Involvement?

As part of our latest video learning course on Early Contractor Involvement, William Waller MRICS - Arcadis UK, explains the differences and similarities to Optimised Contractor Involvement.

IPMS roundtable addresses industry issues

RICS, a member of the IPMS Coalition, hosted a round table discussion on International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS) with the Lenovo Group. Representatives from the top 500 corporations including Heng Seng Band and DuPont also attended.

Make your business run like clockwork

The administration function does not always get good press. For those who do not understand the importance or benefit of good, straightforward admin it is seen as a function which slows things down, introduces a layer of bureaucracy and increases the overheads