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The power of density: smart cities of the near future

Designing smart cities is not just about using technology, but about creating a better quality of life — cities for citizens. The ecosystem of our cities needs to combine social infrastructure with affordable housing and culture with that of effective infrastructure.

RICS Training Course Catalogue 2019

RICS promotes and enforces the highest professional qualifications and standards in the development and management of land, property and construction. Our cutting edge training promises the consistent delivery of standards and brings confidence to the markets you serve. 

Embracing change in commercial property

Real estate accounts for 35% of the world’s carbon emissions and technology is expected to replace 140 million workers globally by 2030. These are just two points that came out of this year’s Commercial Property Conference, which included industry thought-leaders who spoke about the impact of data and technology on the market.

The construction industry goes robotic

The building site of the future is going to look very different to the one we are all used to today. Instead of men in high-visibility jackets and hard hats, there are going to be drones buzzing overhead, robotic bulldozers and 3D printers churning out new structures.

The changing nature of claims against surveyors

The majority of surveyors provide good-quality work, consistently practising effective risk management. However, analysis of a sample of residential survey and valuation notifications made since 2006 reveals that around 30% relate either to a building survey or a HomeBuyer Report (HBR). By 2015 and 2016, more than 70% of notifications in each...

Can gamification help you in the workplace?

Gamification is a new phenomenon which uses elements of game play to make people engage more with learning, brands and products certainly seems to be thriving. It is thought that adults are in fact not so different from children when it comes to learning - play appears to be the most effective way to learn.

TED Talk: The emergence of "4D printing"

3D printing has grown in sophistication since the late 1970s; TED Fellow Skylar Tibbits is shaping the next development, which he calls 4D printing, where the fourth dimension is time. This emerging technology will allow us to print objects that then reshape themselves or self-assemble over time. Think: a printed cube that folds before your eyes,...

Retrofit for purpose: Old buildings get a green facelift

One of the best ways of reducing energy consumption and saving money is retrofitting - in effect, adding new tech to old kit. Technologies, such as thermally-efficient cladding, LED lighting, heat exchangers and smart metering, could save UK businesses £3bn to £5bn a year, according to the Carbon Trust, the energy saving advisory body.

UK facing a 1.8m shortage of rental properties

The Government must urgently deliver 1.8 million new rental homes for UK families, as new figures show a sharp drop in the number of available properties. New figures show an ailing rental sector that cannot keep up with predicted demand.

RICS CEO interviewed on CBN news channel

RICS CEO, Sean Tompkins was interviewed on popular news channel CBN whilst on his visit to China. The purpose of his visit, RICS's influence within China and the impact of Brexit on the UK housing market were all discussed.

How buildings are entering the digital age

Architects and construction companies have been able to "look around" computerised 3D models of their buildings for some time. But now they can actually feel what it's like to be right inside by wearing virtual reality (VR) headsets and getting a 360-degree view.

The IFMA-RICS Collaboration

The RICS joined forces with the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), one of the leading member bodies focused on the facilities management (FM) industry worldwide.

Climate change and the industry’s response

Property professionals are not yet taking climate change seriously enough. That is the conclusion of real estate experts at the climate change keynote session at the World Built Environment Forum in Washington DC.

Why face-to-face learning is still popular

Although there are significant advantages of telecommunications and the digital age - it makes communication instantaneous, cheaper, and more convenient - It is important to note that physical interaction is the best way to learn, communicate, and attain memories. Could these factors have a significant impact on the way we learn?

MCCO and RICS enter into partnership

RICS and the Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd. (MCC), the pioneer and main force of the Chinese iron and steel industry have signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement; a partnership that will allow both companies to set high international standards throughout China. 

RICS Presents... successfully launched

The first RICS Presents event from RICS Training was held on 5th September 2016, with the theme of Building Resilience. Six of our experts gathered with our audience at the Brewery for an evening of thought-provoking, enlightening talks and drinks.

Buyers slowly returning to the housing market

Home buyer demand is beginning to pick up across the UK for the first time since February, with 8% more chartered surveyors reporting an increase in buyer enquiries, according to the latest UK Residential Market Survey.

How to build your confidence in business finance and accelerate your career

As you move up the career ladder, it is not enough simply to carry out work for your client; it is crucial that you do so in a way that allows your organisation to make a profit. Indeed, as you get more senior, you are more likely to be running a team, department, office or cost centre. To do this well you need to understand business finance,...

Smart buildings: friend or foe?

With the rise of the digital age and the need to be green, the workplace has evolved dramitcally. More and more buildings are adopting smart technology to keep their carbon footprint low as well as keep their workers happy. Although there are many benefits to the smart building, does it come at a price? Does the increase in smart technology...

Why is strategic thinking vital for Facilities Managers?

One of the most common pieces of feedback that up and coming facilities managers receive is that they are not strategic enough - that they are too involved in the day by day grind and not looking at the big picture. Ambitious facilities managers often make the mistake of thinking that they need to know everything, so when they get this feedback...